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Petitpren Inc. was founded in 1933 by Frank E. Petitpren immediately following the end of Prohibition.  Frank originally worked out of a six-car garage on Broadway on the Clinton River in Mt. Clemens before moving to a location on Market Street.  As the company grew, another moved needed to be made to a warehouse on Second Street.  In the early years, the company employed three people including Frank’s sons, Stan and Fran.  Beer in that era was delivered in wooden cases from the back seat of the family car.  The company distributed Cream Top, Ballantyne Ale, Fox Deluxe, and Oldbru beers.  In 1937, Anheuser-Busch granted Petitpren Inc. the rights to distribute Budweiser.

In 1946, Frank Petitpren passed away and was succeeded by his son Stan, as President of the company.  Fran Petitpren assisted in the operation of the family business until he retired in 1979.  Stan’s son, Dean S. Petitpren, joined the company in 1960.

In 1983, Dean succeeded Stan as President of the company while Stan remained Chairman of the Board until his retirement in 1988.  Stan maintained an office at Petitpren Inc. until his death in January of 2017.

Under the leadership of Dean, Petitpren Inc. has experienced dramatic growth.  Today, Petitpren Inc. services over 1,150 retailers in Macomb County and in a portion of Wayne County centered around Hamtramck.  Petitpren Inc.’s market share represents approximately 52.0% of Macomb County beer sales.  In 2016, Petitpren Inc. achieved sales of over 3.4 million cases of beer.

Brad D. Petitpren, Dean’s son, joined the company in 1990 and represents the fourth generation of family members involved in the business.  Brad currently serves as Vice President and General Manager.

In 1980, the company moved into its current location on Groesbeck Highway in Clinton Township.  The warehouse sits on 10 acres of land housing 135,000 square feet of warehouse space.  Petitpren Inc. currently employees 107 people, including 76 full-time and 31 part-time workers.

44500 N. Groesbeck Highway,
Clinton Township, MI 48036

Phone:     (586) 468-1402
Fax:          (586) 468-7669
Email:      info@petitpren.com

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